Whey Protein has many benefits to your diet especially if you are looking for an alternative way to boost protein. It is a high quality protein made from cow’s milk, low in fat, cholesterol, lactose and suitable for vegetarians.

Whey Protein can help to restore and build muscle mass after physical exercise so is popular with athlete and body builders. It is ideal for building strength and provides effective regeneration of damaged muscle tissue. Whey Protein is quickly absorbed into the body so should be used during or immediately after exercising. It can signicantly benefit recovery from hard exertion training.

Whey Protein can be bought from health shops and from larger supermarkets. It is usually available in powdered form,
commonly flavoured as strawberrry, chocolate or vanilla suitable to be mixed with water or milk for a convenient
“shake” drink, ideal in a gym setting. It is recommended to use a specialised shaker bottle to ensure it is mixed effectively. It can also be mixed with yoguht or with cereal dishes. For those that dislike the taste of these shakes Whey Protein is also availble in tablet form. It is always important to follow the instructions to ensure you are getting the right amount as too much protein can be bad for your kidneys.

It is also thought that Whey Protein can help with weight management as protein can help to curb food cravings and help you to feel fuller faster ad for longer. It is necessary to have a low fat diet for Whey Protein to help weight management.

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