Boxing can be a great format for exercising as it is high intensity, builds strength and is great for cross training if mixed up with activities that primarily target the legs or lower body.


Skipping is an ideal way to warm up before exercises and is easy to do. Start off slowly with two feet and slowly speed up, alternating between each foot for every skip. Build up to doing 10-15 minutes for a good warm up. Weighted skipping ropes are available for a more intensive workout.

Shadow boxing

A great exercise technique for warming up or for warming down. It prepares the muscles for punching and helps to improve rhythm and execution of punches. It is often performed in front of a mirror, although this is not necessary. There are usually two styles of shadow boxing, the long method, where you bob back and forth using jabs and straight punches or the short method where your dodge left and right to get in close to use hooks and uppercuts.

Punchbag exercises

A heavy bag is really needed for an effective bag workout and will help to work the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest and back. Mix up different punches, jabs, straights, uppercuts and hooks. Move around the bag, trying to keep light on your feet. Start with lights punches and continue until your arms feel heavy or sore,start with a 2 minute session, working up to 3-4 minutes 3 times with a minute break in between.

Speed bag exercises

A speed bag is small bag that hangs from the ceiling at face level and is used to improve speed and timing. You punch it, starting slowly three times with one hand then the other, building up speed and switching to one hand then then the other and continue for for 3 minutes, stopping for 1 minute and repeating 4-6 times. Using gloves not only protect your hands but add extra weight for a more intense session.

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