If you could only do one exercise for mass per body part, what would it be?

The way to build mass is maximum overload in minimum time. Overload consists of taxing a muscle to the point of getting a pump without the burn. If you get the burn you get from maxing out a muscle group that is called muscle fatigue and for mass it isn’t as beneficial as muscle overload. Top line athletes and muscle builders are hard workers. They set goals and strive to reach those goals using determination. A high protein, high carb, moderate fat diet with lots of variety is the best way to gain mass

Parallel bar dip is the single best mass builder for the triceps. As you gain strength you can hang a plate around your waist to increase the intensity

Flat Presses (barbell / dumbbell) and Incline Presses (barbell / dumbbell) seem to work the best and be the most favored for chest building.

Use free weights for all heavy sets

Utilize compound movements

Find areas of improvement

Experiment to find your best mass building exercises

Avoid injury

Utilize optimum sets

Perform optimum reps

One of the best overall tests of strength is the amount of weight a person can deadlift. The deadlift is a powerful compound movement, a total body exercise that affects nearly all the muscles in the body

Basic rules for Deadlifting.

1. When deadlifting always wear supportive trunks or pants.

2. Footwear should be as flat as possible.

3. Keep back flat at all times.

4. Keep hips low during the initial phase off the floor.

5. Set and maintain your position at the start of every repetition.

6. Keep the bar close to the body throughout the pull.

7. Look forward or slightly up at the beginning of the pull.

8. Start the pull with fully inflated lungs.

9. Finish the lift and breathe normally.

10. Make sure that at the top of the lift the shoulders are back, the chest is out, knees are locked and the body is erect.

11. Avoid any tendency to lean backwards.

12. Do NOT lower the bar back to the ground slowly. Keep the hands on the bar and let gravity take the weight down.

The best way to build mass is…well with food, lots of protein, a constant supply of protein is essential, but that???s not a supplement (other than in your protein drinks/powders). if you have the diet and training fixed up, I then would suggest adding Dynabolan, Equi-bolan, Hemadrol, Permadrol, Hemaguno or Myomale, or a mass builder that works for you.

Follow the manufacturers instructions and check with your doctor before beginning any work out routine with supplementation.

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